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I’m Dylan Sherrard, a full-time freelance photographer living in Kamloops, British Columbia, where dusty clay cliffs and rolling hills fade into deep forests. I’m inspired by the landscape that surrounds me, and the way the environment shapes connection between people and our passions.


I believe there’s magic in the mundane, and I romanticize capturing the ethereal moments that we often overlook as ordinary. Storytelling and experimentation with concept are paramount in my process, as are a rich and emotive aesthetic that allow my images a unique look & feel across different genres.


I create stories with multiple platforms & partners with a focused on inspiring our ability to slow down and appreciate the abundance that surrounds us.

Select Clients//
The wonderful creative teams, brands, magazines, agencies and producers I
have the fortune of working with include:

Specialized Bicycles, Evil Bikes, Norco Bicycles, Title MTB, BETA MTB, Freehub MTB Magazine, Race Face, Tourism Kamloops, Sun Peaks Resort, Outride, PNW Components, Soil Searching, Anthill Films, New Parallel Studios, Mountain Biking BC, Destination BC, Revolution Mountain Bike Magazine. 



Being based in Kamloops, BC, I have the unique ability to location scout and wait for the greatest possible lighting conditions across an incredible variety of landscapes and scenes for photography and film projects. For any inquiries regarding photography and film production, location scouting, image licensing, marketing consultation, prints, or brand collaboration, please reach out by email:



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